To Bath By Rail

After a relaxing breakfast at the B&B, the owner kindly drove us into town in his van to catch a bus to the railroad station. He chuckled when Dave enthusiastically jumped into the front seat and discovered he was in the driver's seat on the right!

Our journey by rail, referred to as a "train extravaganza" by the family seated across from us, and in hindsight we should have rented a car, was long. From Penrith, we made changes in Lancaster, Crewe, and Newport in South Wales, before the final leg to Bath, but the first leg of the trip was pure chaos and left many of us standing on a speeding train for over an hour. On one leg of the trip to Bath through Wales, we all had a good laugh when a man with the refreshment's trolley came through the car calling out, "Viper's tongues, sea snake's legs, squirrel toenails!"

Our B&B, Apple Tree Guesthouse is just on the other side of the river from the main town and an easy and scenic walk. It's Sunday night and most people have headed back to their hotels, but Bath looks stunningly beautiful and very inviting too. Tomorrow we will tour the city with a highlight being a tour of the Roman Baths and a candlelight vigil at the Abbey to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI which will take place all over the country.


CoachSparky said…
I notice that two of the towns that your train made changes in are names of towns in the Northeast of the United States. I wonder if the U.S. towns are named after them. The man with the refreshment's trolley seems like a good character for a small moment's story:)

That is interesting that the start of WWI is being commemorated throughout Europe. I wonder if the end of WWI will be commemorated as well.

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