Dinan: A Picturesque Village in Brittany

St. Malo looks like a movie set and what's even more incredible is the view of the town looking back from outside the wall.  This morning we walked to the end of a stout pier built to protect the town from dangerous waves which have been known to crash over the walls during storms.  From the pier we watched Brittany Ferriea disappear over the horizon.  The tide was out so people were heading across the sand to the old fort.

On our way out of town in the early afternoon we heard a loud speaker and saw a procession in the street.  A huge elephant was prominently displayed on an open flat-bed circus truck.  People stopped in their tracks to shoot photos, but I felt sorry for it. I hope it is well cared for.

Dinan which is 20 minutes away is medieval in character. Our hotel room overlooks the clock tower. Buildings are half timbered in style. It looks like a scene from hundreds of years ago that comes alive with modern day people,

The walk to the harbor must be the most scenic atmospheric walk in France. As you amble down the steep winding cobblestone street, you pass little art studios tucked into tiny timbered houses with baskets of flowers on the stone steps. If any buildings are painted they must conform to city codes to be one of several shades of sea glass blue, for example.  We bought a framed print of the bell tower from a Welsh artist living nearby with a tiny studio just outside the old medieval gate. It's always fun to meet the artist and hear their inspiration for the painting.

At the end of the hill lies the Rance River lined with stone houses. The river itself flows lazily through the town and is a paradise for kayakers, We met a nice couple from England and chatted with them at a cafe.

Our dinner tonight was at a restaurant in the old town. Inside people were enjoying mussels cooked in your choice of 25 different ways. We had ours cooked in white wine,  onions, and basil.  Walkkng back to our hotel we could hear young people singing in a pub.  There seems to be more of a singing culture here than in the U.S,

After dinner the streets were dimly lit and candles glowed in all the cafes. We're sorry we didn't book longer in this picturesque village.


CoachSparky said…
Dinan seems like a great place to walk around. I agree with you-- it is always great to be able to talk with artists about their work.

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