From Bath to St. Malo By Ferry

The sun was brightly shining this morning; a recipe for a great day.  Because we're headed for Brittany, France in the late afternoon via overnight ferry, we took the opportunity to do some laundry at the Spruce Goose near the Royal Crescent and it worked out perfectly.

Just down the street was an old, but elegant bookstore with a distinguished looking grey-haired gentleman wearing spectacles reading a newspaper at an old wooden desk with a feather pen. I love bookstores.  They bring back memories of a private library I created under the eves of our attic when I was a child. This store had old travel books from the 1930's and old prints and framed maps, most likely from an old estate. Floor to ceiling wooden shelves all held vintage books, many leather bound and many lovingly inscribed on the title page.

Because this is the 100th anniversary of WWI, the Fashion Museum in Bath featured a special exhibition.   Uniforms from soldiers, nurses, and doctors, and even television and film stars (Downton Abbey) were all freshly pressed and on display. Vintage pictures and posters enhanced displays. One sad poster from WWI requested money to save horses. Millions of horses died serving in WWI.  Regrettably, we only had a moment to tour the rest of the museum. In one room four women were giggling while trying on Victorian dresses and hats and posing for pictures. I couldn't resist the urge to join in the fun. Thank goodness I didn't live back then. It's like wearing a tent.

On the train to Portsmouth Harbour we ended up beside an annoying person.  I believe the young woman was American. She received numerous text messages which she relayed to the English gentleman traveling with her who may have been her husband. Her endless chatter included quoting "prissy prim eclectic people" who located archives of information unknown to man. Her superficial attempt to impress us was blown when she stated, "Um. Like isn't that awesome!" He regarded her with an air of boredom.

Our day ended on Brittany Ferries. We are traveling on the Bretagne and it's like a mini cruise. We have a cabin for the night, there's several dining rooms ranging from full service restaurants to cafes, plus entertainment for 2,000 passengers. This is the fourth time we have taken one of these overnight ferries and we love it. This ship even has duty free shopping boutiques.

Night has now fallen and people are heading back to their cabins for the night. Tomorrow we will be in Brittany in France.


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