Exploring.Brittany By Car

Many times when we travel, we are able to do the entire trip using trains and buses. In Brittany you really need a car so we reserved and paid for one in advance. The only problem though was after a 20 minute cab ride to Dinard Airport, a tiny airport only used for three daily flights from London, we found out the automatic transmission car we were promised was not avaiable. I have to say though, while very dismayed by this, the two young men at  Enterprise couldn't have been nicer. They were very apologetic and arranged to drop off a car in St. Malo right at our hotel plus took $100 off the final price.

While we waited for the car we walked the wall and went to a new creperie where we enjoyed a crepe with ham and eggs with a fresh garden salad. It was delicious. Some people here get a crepe for an appetizer, main meal, and dessert.  We tried the local cider that's made here. It comes served in a big mug.

After our Peugeout arrived, we drove out in the countryside to La Latte. It's a castle type fort built in the Middle Ages. It appeared in a 1950's film The Vikings starring Curt Douglas and Tony Curtis. The fort was in a dramatic setting overlooking the sea, On a clear day you can see all the way to Guernesey in England according to a man we met. He asked us if we spoke English and then told us a wealth of information in French. Because he used a lot of gestures, we were able to understand much of what he said. It was a nice cultural encounter.

On the way back to St. Malo it poured. Unfortunately we ditched our umbrellas in the railroad station in Bath so we needed to run for it.  Because of the rain, the town is very quiet. We returned to the crepe restaurant for dinner and walked around the town at night. We both agree this is one of the most underrated towns and hope to return here again soon.


CoachSparky said…
Enterprise rectified that situation well! I love crepes. Have you had any sweet ones?
Explorer Bear said…
Yes. We had one loaded with apples and it was great!
Susan Erickson said…
The view looking down at the fort and gardens was beautiful.

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