Beautiful St. Malo

Early this morning as our Brittany Ferries ship Bretagne sailed into the harbor in St. Malo, the most pleasant instrumenal wake up music (Starts at around 10 seconds))from Brittany played in every cabin. Looking out our porthole window, the walled in city was already in sight.  With no time to spare, we got dressed and disembarked from the ship as soon as it arrived. As we headed into the ferry terminal I noticed the workers scrambling to clean the ship for a cruise back to England with a turn-around time of about 90 minutes.

Our accommodation is within the walls of the old town and is clean and tidy  with very friendly owners.  With a map in hand we headed right up on the wall for a one mile easy stroll around the town. During WWII, the town was heavily bombed and amazingly rebuilt to retain the old look.  On our walk I noticed an interesting swimming pool. It's right  on the beach and when the tide come in, it floods with seawater.

The town is so picturesque and definitely a touristy place, but there are the nicest shops and restaurants here. It's the type of town with old metal cut out signs and flower baskets hang everywhere. Blue and white seem to be the fashionable colors here and everything is in a nautical theme. Many families have brought their little dogs and some have three.

  I always thought the ice cream portions a Kimball's were huge, but I saw  a man get the biggest ice cream ever.  After thickly spreading Nutella inside a waffle cone, it was filled with creamy soft serve, piled high with whipped cream, and topped off with sauce, sprinkles, and a cookie. Everyone gathered around the man like the paparazzi shooting photos.

Lunch was at a creperie where I had a delicious mushroom crepe.  We then took a small ferry over to Dinard, a small town just across the harbor. During Victorian times it was a popular holiday resort  and today you can see enormous Victorian homes on the highest points in town which must have an amazing view.  There  are many hotels  and an enormous beach filled with sunbathers.

When the tide is very low, it exposes a causeway to a tiny island with a small old fort. Tonight right before sunset we walked out there. The town looked beautiful all lit up and just as we stepped bak onto shore, all cameras were aimed to the west as the huge red sun sank into the sea for the night. What a beautiful sight to see!


CoachSparky said…
St. Malo is beautiful! It looks like a great place to walk around.
Explorer Bear said…
Because it's walled in, you can't get too lost. You just climb up on the wall!

Susan Erickson said…
Another amazing stop - the ice cream does sound a little large and overly sweet!

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