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August 19: The Magic of Paris

August 18: Taking in some of Paris' "Greatest Hits"

August 17: A Day for Museums in Paris

August 16: Bayeux to Paris

August 15: Normandy

August 14: Bayeux-Honoring Heroes of World War II

August 13: Honfleur, France

August 12: From Pisa to Honfleur With Much In Between

August 11: Sunshine in the Cinque Terre

August 10 Of the Trail of Love and Water Balloon Fights: The Cinque Terre

August 9 - The Start of Three Days on Five Lands: Cinque Terre

August 8 Touring Europes Capital of Art

August 7: Into the Hot Tuscan Sun

August 6 In Search of Byzantine Art Ravenna

August 5: A Perfect Day for Opera

August 4: In the Footsteps of Juliet (Or At Least Her Fans) Verona

August 3: Of Scorching Temperatures and a Remote Island

August 2: A Day in Varenna Touring a Lovely Villa

August 1: A Day in Bellagio (With Much More to Follow)

Excitement Increases as August 2008 Holiday in Europe Nears