August 7: Into the Hot Tuscan Sun

Breakfast this morning at the Casa Masoli was fit for a king on a budget. A buffet of fresh cake, tarts, and muffins was spread out on a long table. Thick slices of freshly baked bread, croissants dusted with powdered sugar, and a basket of fresh fruit were a royal treat.

Before leaving for Florence, we visited the Domus of Stone Carpets. Entering through the gift shop gives no hint of what lies below. Through a door and down the metal stairs you come to a brightly lit room with gorgeous mosaic floors. These remains were left undiscovered for centuries 3 meters below the road. Once part of a huge Byzantine palace, today you can admire the herringbone, geometric, and floral mosaic patterns. My favorite mosaic was Dance of the Geniuses of the Seasons which depicts geniuses dancing in a circle.

I wondered what happened to any missing stones, but learned that when the streets and sewers were built and the floors were undiscovered, many of the stones would have been unknowingly removed.

Our Eurostar train to Florence was thankfully air conditioned. Racing through the countryside we spotted grape vines and peach trees. On our train yesterday was a young woman with a baby begging for money. Today she reappeared on the train and was promptly chased off by the conductor. We could still hear her angry protests as the conductor slammed the door.

Florence is hopping. Riding through the city in the taxi, we spotted long lines to the Duomo. Our hotel, Hotel Silla, overlooks the Arno. Walking into Florence was a pleasant 5 minutes away across the bridge. Although it was 5 oclock, we were able to visit the Franciscan chruch of Santa Croce. Scaffolding fills much of the church where you can catch a glimpse of artists at work during restoration. Michelangelo and Galileo are both buried in huge tombs. We attempted to see a glass case with part of St. Francis tunic, but they were closing that area. Following our guide book we were able to admire frescoes by Giotto. Surprisingly these had once been covered over by other art work until they were rediscovered in the 19th century. Cimabues Crucifixion was also on display. Sadly much of it was damaged in November of 1966 during the flood.

Tonight we will walk around town enjoying the sights and sounds of Florence.

The Domus of Stone Carpets
Entombed beneath the streets for centuries
like a 6th century time capsule
Ravennas history is rewritten


coachsparky said…
When I traveled in Florence, I saw a lot of people riding on motor scooters. Have you noticed this trend?
Brendan Bear said…
Hi Sparky,
Thanks so much again for following my blog. It really means a lot to me. About the motor scooters, yes, they are everywhere and I am always dodging them along with bicycles.Tomorrow we leave for the Cinque Terre.I hope its cooler there.
Explorer Bear
305B Coaches said…
Is Florence a new spot for you all to see? How warm has it been there? Are there daily thunderstorms to chase some of the heat away? At home, we have had a really stormy stretch of weather lately.

We are all still enjoying reading your wonderful descriptions of your trip.

The 305B Coaches
Brendan Bear said…
Hi Coaches,
Thanks for reading my blog. The weather has been sunny every day, but unbelievably hot. I did not bring the right clothes. I needed spaghetti strap shirts which I do not own.
Explorer Bear

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