August 11: Sunshine in the Cinque Terre

Sunlight sparkles off the water. Roosters crow high up in the terraced vineyards. Sounds of happy children playing echo from below our balcony. Monterosso is a great place to relax and just do nothing.

It was very hot today. Tourists flocked to the beaches and filled every inch with their colorful seaside themed beach towels. Children dug in the sand with their buckets and spades. Those daring enough to try it, leaped from the rocky cliffs and landed with a splash. Boats shuttled people from village to village while occasional trains breezed through town.

A late lunch today was again at Cafe Il Casello. Our table overlooked the beach and we enjoyed a focacia sandwich and Caprese salad with tomatoes and mozarella. Strolling along the narrow cobblestone streetes, we admired the stores displaying their wares: pottery, lemon specialties, and t-shirts brightly decorated with fish and seashells.

For dinner, we took the train to Vernazza and ate at Bar Saracena Pizzaria. Our table was right on the harbor overlooking the water where tiny wooden fishing boats were anchored. We dined on gnoche pesto fresh from here in Liguria, and a crispy pizza with thinly sliced mushrooms. As the sun set over Vernazza, people played soccer on the beach, or just relaxed on the rocks near the breakwater enjoying the amazing view.


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