Nice to Vaison la Romaine- August 16: On to the Cotes du Rhone

Last night in Nice, there were hundreds of people watching a concert with a man on a trapeze down on the promenade near the beach. They were promoting a new soft drink. I spotted a line where the company was giving out free goodie tote bags with fun seaside trinkets and I thought it would be fun to get one. I waited in line for 30 minutes and when it was my turn they wouldn't give it to me because I didn't have the coupon. Since they were not nice to a bear I will tell you that their free soft drink sample tasted awful.

Today we went to Le Meridian Hotel to Europcar. The car they gave us is small. It is a Smartcar. It's perfect for a bear, but only has two seats and a trunk only big enough for those who pack light. My owners think it is too small, but lots of fun and easy to park.

It took 6 hours to get here, but that's because we took scenic roads over mountain passes. The views were incredible of farms, forests, and mountains. We pulled over numerous times for photographs. Our hotel, Chateau de Tauglinan, is very old and reminds us of a historic old Irish home. There isn't air conditioning, but with the windows open, there is a refreshing breeze. We learned that the family is lovingly restoring the chateau and they have indeed made it very comfortable for guests. At first we were disappointed there wasn't an internet point or television in the room, but it actually turned out for the best. Your attention is then diverted to the beautiful grounds with ruins of an old stone building, horses roaming freely through the vineyards, and a fish pond filled with water lillies. Dinner tonight was at a cafe in town. We had a cheese, tomato and eggplant crepe. After dinner we walked around town and admired some of the gifts on display in the shop windows.


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