San Gimignano to Monterosso- August 12: Sampling the Italian Riviera

It was market day this morning on the square with brightly decorated tables selling everything from nuts to clothing, and even dogs which I wasn't happy about. There was an interesting machine making flat Italian cookies and people enthusiastically gathered around for free handouts. The hotel hired a driver to take us to the train station. When the train arrived it looked like something from the 1960's but it was clean. We sat next to the door because it was so crowded and only a short trip to Genoa. Fortunately our next train was bright, fast, and modern.

Monterosso is fun. Our hotel, Villa Steno, overlooks the hills and the sea. We have a big balcony and I can even hear a rooster crowing. Along the beach are brightly colored umbrellas and stores selling rafts and plastic boats. Looking back at Monterosso, the houses all look so colorful with window boxes full of flowers, and brightly painted shutters.

Dinner tonight was at the Belvedere Ristorante just across the street from the beach. We had tuna Liguria which means pine nuts and fresh tomatoes. After dinner we walked along the promenade overlooking the beach. A tunnel separates the old and newer part of Monterosso, but it's hard to tell the difference between the two because they are all part of this beautiful seaside village.


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