Discovering Dijon

As I write my first blog entry tonight, a light breeze is blowing in the window and voices of happy people echo from the distance. It has been a long two days, but at last we have arrived at our destination: the beautiful town of Dijon in the Burgundy region of France.

We began our journey at Logan Airport in Boston where we were able to experience a special treat: a relaxing visit to Lufthansa’s Senator Club lounge where we were able to enjoy a small light buffet of sandwiches, salads, fruit, pastries, and freshly brewed coffee. All this as a result of winning an online contest sponsored by Lufthansa in the spring.

Our flight across the North Atlantic was in record time according to the pilot due to weather patterns. As a result, we arrived in Dublin at 4:30 am. I imagined that the airport terminal would be barely awake, but surprisingly, it was a beehive of activity. Shoppers busily took advantage of sales of sundresses, watches, cameras, and books. Fortunately for us, we only had a 2 hour layover before our direct flight to Paris.

Once in Paris, we took the TVG bullet train to Dijon. We are saying in a wonderful flat right in the historic district owned by Coco at She met us at the train station and gave us an orientation of the town. Our flat is spacious and beautifully decorated. Inside is every amenity imaginable including a stocked refrigerator, a loaf of French bread, freshly baked chocolate cake, a computer with wifi, flat screen TV and a washer dryer. We feel so fortunate to be able to stay here.

After a short nap, we walked around the town. The town has a mix of Romanesque and Gothic architecture along with half-timbered buildings. Late at night they are beautifully illuminated and we stopped at the Place de la Liberation, known as one of the most beautiful royal squares in France, and watched children gleefully play in some of the fountains which playfully shot spouts of water in the air. It is time for bed now, but we look forward to a full day tomorrow exploring this delightful town.

Our Adventure Begins

Soaring high above the North Atlantic
Beams of moonlight dance on the sea
Reaching distant shores in record time
Our summer adventure awaits!


Mrs. Cicchetti said…
Following your updates with great anticipation. Have a wonderful time!
CoachSparky said…
I'm glad that you are enjoying your Netbook and it is working out so well. What a nice treat to be able to experience the Lufthansa lounge! Your flat in Dijon sounds incredible and that was so nice of the owner to meet you and orient you to the town. The fountains in the town sound like so much fun. I love your descriptions of water references throughout your travels-- it reminds me of your description last year, of grandfathers throwing water balloons from their apartments at people in the street in Italy! Relax, have fun, and enjoy:) You deserve it!
Susan Erickson said…
Sounds like winning that contest was a real bonus! Your flat sounds fantastic! It must have been nice to finally arrive after what seems to be a long day of travel! What is the weather like? As hot as last year?
Explorer Bear said…
Thanks,everyone, for following my blog. The weather is here quite hot. It is supposed to be 90 degrees today so it might be a perfect time for my new sundress.

The flat is wonderful. We could easily stay here for a week. This morning we are heading to the weekly market for some fresh vegetables and flowers.

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