August 11 - From Glaciers to Palm Trees

Sunrise this morning was early on the mountain. It was so clear at the top of Mont Blanc that we could see the observation deck at the summit glistening in the sunlight. It all was so stunning that at breakfast we gave serious consideration into staying, but decided against it when we considered the extra expense promising ourselves we would return soon.

From Chamonix we rode a bus with panoramic windows through the Mont Blan tunnel. It is an incredible feat of engineering costing a staggering 31 euro per car, but is the quickest route into Italy. After one quick change in Courmeyer, Italy, we arrived in Aosta for our train ride to the Cinque Terre.

The train rider here is long and requires two changes on trains varying from swift and modern to speedy yet pitiful, but when you arrive in Monterosso with its aquamarine waters lined with sandy beaches and palm trees, it makes the whole experience worthwhile. We really love it here. This is our third trip to the Villa Steno. Our room has a balcony and garden overlooking the town and the sea. This resort town feels very authentic. From our balcony, we can see happy Italian holidaymakers enjoying their dinner on outside balconies with a bottle of wine while their hanging beach towels flap in the breeze. It is now time for us to get into the slow rhythm of life here and enjoy a warm summer evering with dinner by the sea.

Leaving Mont Blanc

The snowy peak of Mont Blanc rises high above the valley floor
beaconing us to visit
To stay or to go?
Italy awaits
Slowly our bus pulls away
The timeless mountain will wait for our return


CoachSparky said…
What an incredible sounding view from the small cog wheel train with the glaciers. I can't wait to see pictures! That's wild that the ice inside the cave is transparent blue-- must be beautiful! That must be neat to see the contrast of what Mont Blanc looks like in different kinds of weather. Your meal sounds absolutely delicious

Enjoy your time in Cinque Terre-- sounds very relaxing!

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