It's August 1st, the official start of summer holidays in Europe. School just ended last week in the UK and everyone is ready for a break.

Chaos. It was chaos at Ryan Air, a well known cut rate airline in Europe. Just as we were ready to board, we were turned back because there was damage to the tire when the plane landed and it needed to be changed, Later when we landed with a jolt in Porto, Portugal we could see how that might have happened. As the plane slowed down, the relieved passengers broke out into applause. 

We love our hotel. It's right in the heart of Porto, famous for its port wine. We headed right out to explore and visited one of the wineries. It was very elegant and  they served us small glasses of port wine with delicious chocolates.

Dinner tonight was at Taylor's. It's a winery up the hill from the other side of the river in Porto. We ate outside on the terrace and the view was stunning. I felt as if I was looking at a painting. All the stucco  buildings in Porto with red tiled roofs rise up the hill with a cathedral at the top. It was a three mile walk back to our hotel from dinner, much of it up hill, but it is beautiful here and well worth it, I can't wait to explore it tomorrow.


Susan Erickson said…
This sounds gorgeous! The flight situation did sound a little un-nerving though!

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