From Copenhagen to the Cotswolds

It's a transition day. They're never any fun, especially when it's a bright sunny day in the place you are leaving.  As usual it means getting up early and heading to the airport to meet the two hours in advance requirement, but today we flew to England so the transition wasn't quite as hard.

We have flown on Easyjet before, just this past week too, and their seats are under$60 for a no frills flight.  In the Copenhagen Airport before boarding I spotted a small satellite shop of the wonderful Danish design store we had been in yesterday.  Once again I was tempted by the Danish Eco water bottles. "Just think. This is your last chance if you are leaving Denmark," said the salesman so I caved in and bought one.

London Luton Airport is north of London. It was raining when we arrived and we heard hail and thunderstorms were in the forecast for London and that the train to London would not be running due to flooding. Thankfully we were headed for the Cotswolds via our rental car and didn't encounter rain at all. 

We are now at a B&B in Chipping Campden.  It is so beautiful here that I want to do it justice by describing it well so for now I will give you a flavor of it through some photos we took tonight.


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