Keeping One Step Ahead of Rab's Intense Heat


The sounds of cicadas chirping, sparkling aquamarine water, and an inviting old town with cobblestone streets, palm trees, and stone houses with wooden shutters. It's  all so inviting, but I have to admit it, it is hot and humid here today.

Our day started out with a walk into town. With our guidebook in hand, the plan was to follow a self guided walking tour  to see the old church towers, but we barely made it into town before collapsing into chairs at an inviting cafe with cool misty water emitting from a fan.  Continuing on, we visited an interesting shop Natura Rab selling organic locally made honey, olive oil, lavender, and pottery, but after that we couldn't take the heat anymore and took a taxi back to our accommodation.  No wonder no one was out on the streets this morning.


The owner of our accommodation pointed us in the direction of a water taxi to take us to a swimming place. We figured he meant it would take us back into town to swim, but instead we headed out to an island with hiking tails, a sandy beach, or secluded areas to choose from to put down your towel. I felt like I couldn't get into the water fast enough and when I did, it was beyond refreshing. We floated for about 90 minutes in water that was so clear you could see the bottom quite far out.


We followed a walkway along the water's edge into town for dinner and along the way made some  discoveries. The first one was a set of hidden steps which led up to a landing with an amazing view of the harbor and over the tiled roof houses in town with four stone bell towers in the distance. The second discovery was an archaeological dig site where they are uncovering the site of an old church.

Shopping on Rab Island, Croatia

After dinner I decided to buy a cute travel bag I had seen in a shop. Much to my surprise, the owner of the shop offered it to me for 1/3 less than the price on the label.  Down the street I saw a miniature version of the same bag and the owner there tried to sell it to me for more than the big bag I had bought, and when he dropped the price, it still was no bargain.  I have noticed that bags such as Louis Vuitton  and other designer brands are sold in shops side by side with flip flops so I am sure they're not real. 


it is now 11:00pm and still hot and humid.  Too bad the beach is not open at night.  It's the perfect night for another swim!


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