Excitement Builds as Annual Trip to Europe Draws Near

Don't look now, but Explorer Bear's annual three-week trip to Europe is just around the corner. As with previous trips to the "Old World," this year's trip will combine some new explorations along with return visits to some of our favorite destinations. In addition, we will once again provide a real-time blog based on our Euro-sojourn.

Much planning has gone into this summer's holiday, and your feedback - even prior to the start of our trip - is welcome. The trip will begin with a two-day visit to Finland's capital, Helsinki. Next, a short cruise south will take us for a short, one-day visit to Tallinn, Estonia. Following an overnight cruise on the Baltic Sea, courtesy of Tallink, we will settle into Stockholm for a three-day stay. Norway follows, with two days in Bergen, including a sampling of the Sogneford fjord, and two days in that country's capital, Oslo.

The next portion of our holiday will include a return visit to Venice, for two days. Then it's on to Croatia, where we will spend a week, two days on the Istrian Peninsula, in Rovinj, two days in the resort town of Opatija, a couple days on Rab Island, and, finally, one day for Zagreb.

There you have it. Three weeks in Europe, many exciting destinations, and a blog to update daily. What's not to like? Stay tuned, won't you?


CoachSparky said…
I will most definitely stayed tuned! Every summer I look forward to following your adventures on your blog. Well-written and engaging, reading your blog is captivating for me. It lets me experience your adventures through your eyes and imagine the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and tactile senses of the European experience!

One of my good friends from college is living in Helsinki. If you let me know what kinds of things you are interested in, I can ask her for some recommendations for the first leg of your journey!
Robin Cicchetti said…
What a great itinerary! I am looking forward to hearing all about your travels. Thanks for blogging!
Mrs. E said…
Ready to read all about this year's adventure!

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