August 15 - We're off to Italia!

Transition days are hard for me. I tend to become attached to wherever I am and leaving Croatia was particularly difficult. Our transition today took us to the Amalfi Coast of Italy to Sorrento.

When traveling in Europe, it's always amazing to use how cheaply you can travel between countries on cut-rate airlines. Today we too an Easyjet flight between Dubrovnik and Rome, but was it on time? No. It was delayed by three hours. Thank goodness for the free wifi access codes given to departing passengers.

At the departure gate, it was chaos at Easyjet. People were crowding into a small space to be first. Fortunately we had flown these airlines before and had paid just a little extra for speedy boarding. Along with five other people we got on our own bus to the plane and got to pick any seat we wanted. We all felt like VIP's.

Our flight to Rome was under an hour and after three easy train connections we arrived in Sorrento. Our accommodation, Settimo Cielo, is high on a cliff above the ocean. We have a balcony with a view of Mt. Vesuvius and the ocean, and there's a refreshing pool right under our balcony.

Dinner tonight was at Ristorante Delfino. To get there we had to walk down a long winding road to the waterfront below our hotel. Our table was outside literally three feet above the water. This area seems to be a special destination for Italian holidaymakers and their family. Some people were swimming at the beach even though and it was close to midnight and children played soccer on the beach.

Tonight from our balcony we can see all the twinkling lights of the Gulf of Naples and fireworks to commemorate a holiday are lighting up the sky in the distance. Transition days are hard. When I came here I felt in my heart was still in Croatia, but I am already starting to love this place too.

Check out the live webcam from our hotel to see the view we have from our room!


CoachSparky said…
It sounds like you have found another beautiful spot!

Yes, transitions are hard. However, when I read your blog I thought about the quote of Rick Steve's that you referenced last year, "Assume that you will return!" Croatia certainly sounds like one of your new favorite places.

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