Summer Holiday 2009

Although the weather has been surprisingly cool this July making it seem like fall, I am anxiously anticipating my summer  vacation.  This year we will be visiting the following locations in France and Italy.   We would love to hear any suggestions about sights to see or restaurants to visit. For the first time, I will be taking a small netbook so I can blog about my travel adventures on a daily basis.

Dijon, France
Beaune, France
Chamonix, France
Monterosoo, Cinque Terre, Italy
Assisi, Italy
Lucca, Italy
Orvieto, Italy
Rome, Italy


Susan Erickson said…
Chamonix is beautiful! Make sure you take the lift to the top -- there's a nice cafe (or at least there was in 1985!) with a gorgeous view!
CoachSparky said…
Have a great time on your travels!
CoachSparky said…
Hi Brendan Bear--
I hope that you are enjoying the beginning of your trip! The wise people of Facebook have the following suggestions to keep your computer safe and virus free...

1. AVG is an anti-virus program that is good and free.

2. Malwarebytes is a great free app to do virus scans and virus cleans...

Have fun!

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