Anticipation Builds

The mere thought of European travel excites me. So it is especially exciting to realize my summer of 2007 trip is just around the corner.
For almost three weeks in August, my human companions and I will be traveling to Italy and France. While I've toured both these countries in recent years, I've not yet explored Italy's Tuscany or France's Cote d'Azur and Provence. These regions seem to have much to offer in terms of scenery and culture, so I hope to experience as much as possible. Travel writer Rick Steves suggests a rental car while touring the rural parts of Provence and Tuscany, and I've heeded that advice. Also, to reduce the "If it's Tuesday it must be Belgium" sensation, my itinerary features no single-night stays at an accommodation.
My itinerary is as follows:
-Aer Lingus flight to Dublin, with connecting flight to Bologna. We'll then take a train to my first location, Florence.
-Three overnights in Florence.
-After obtaining a rental car in downtown Florence, we'll drive south to Montepulciano.
-Three overnights in Montepulciano, using our car to explore rural Tuscany.
-We'll then head north to Siena, where we'll return the rental car and spend two nights here.
-My human companions and I will take a bus east to San Gimignano where we'll spend two nights.
-We'll close out our trip to Italy with two nights on the Cinque Terre in Monterosso.
-A train will take us to the French Riviera, spending two nights in Nice.
-Next, with the benefit of a rental car, we'll spend the next three days and nights in the Provencal village of Vaison la Romaine.
-Our European holiday will conclude with a two-night stay in St. Remy.
-Departure from Marseille Airport.
Anticipation, as you can imagine, is building. Your comments are very much welcome.


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